Scrub and Fluff

  • Shampoo & Condition
  • Blow dry
  • Ear cleaning
  • Trim toenails

Starting at $30



Flea bath

It is our policy that all dogs with fleas will be given a flea bath.

Additional $10


Clean up cut

  • All bath services
  • Brush out
  • Trim paws, bum, chest, legs, tummy

Starting at $50




This service is for regular grooming clients that need a 'tidy' in between their appointments.  Wash, Dry, Brush, Sanitary, Clean up, Nail trim.  Priced per dog.


Full groom

  • All bath services
  • Brush out
  • Style according to breed, or your wishes

Starting at $55



Nail Trim

Don't need a bath, but need a pedicure?  We will set up a time to swing by with your pooch and do a nail trim.



Every dog is a VIP

We do not have ‘spa packages’.  Quality shampoo formulated for your dog's coat type, conditioner, sanitary trims in potty areas, are included with all services.  Your pooch needs a leave in conditioner?  No charge.  Want a ponytail with a bow on that sweet girl? Sure! Your pup needs a blueberry facial for those tear stains? We've got it covered.  We do not charge extra for these, at Shampooch we believe EVERY dog is a VIP.


Size, condition, tempermant, and time are all factors in the cost of the grooming.


  • SIZE.  The larger the pet, the more products used, the more time needed to bathe, dry, brush, and trim.  The prices above are for x-small dogs (teacups), and increase to small, medium, and large dogs. X-large dogs(75-100lbs), and XX-large dogs(100 lbs & up) are rated per dog.


  • CONDITION.  Dogs have a variety of coats. Dogs with thick and/or abundant amounts of hair, large mats or lots of mats, will need a considerable amount of extra time and attention.  Another factor is if your dog has gone a long time between grooming appointments.  This also applies to dogs that have been sprayed  by skunks, full of sap, fleas, ticks, etc.


  • BEHAVIOR.  Now, not all pets are ecstatic about jumping into the tub, nail trimming, or standing still for 90 minutes or longer, so some hesitance is expected and accepted.  However, if two handlers for an extended period of time is required, then an additional fee is added.


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