Our Story

My passion for dog grooming began in 1998 when I rescued my first three dogs.  I learned to groom as a tool to home groom my trio and save myself money.

As the years passed, I realized how much I loved grooming, and in 2006 I decided to open up a small salon in my home.  I was teaching high school Math, a career I loved, and enjoyed grooming dogs after school.

In 2014 I made the decision to pursue grooming as my main career.  I couldn't be happier.  I love my job!  I  love meeting new dogs and their humans, creating beautiful styles, and making dogs and their families smile!

Our Approach

Our goal is to give your pet a happy and comfortable grooming experience.  Dogs require grooming regularly over their lifetime, and we want it to be positive and happy, not scary or stressful.  We are patient groomers who believe in building a rapport with your dog.  Nothing makes us happier than when a dog is excited to see us!

It is important to mention that we are practical groomers.  We understand that dogs can be dogs, and like to engage in activities that get them dirty, matted, and full of little surprises (twigs, pine needles, sap, etc.).  Some of these surprises work out of the fur after a good scrub down and some tricks of the trade.  However, we would like you to understand that we trim out large mats and shape the remaining hair around the void.  Occasionally if a dog is heavily matted, the only way to fix this is to give them a short puppy cut and start fresh with maintenance as the hair grows back in.  Our ultimate goal is to make your pet clean and neat, and we pride ouselves to always do right by your dog.  We relish being groomers for the everyday family and not torturing a dog to maintain a show quality appearance.

As our salon continues to grow, we intend to keep our commitment to giving your dog the one-on-one attention they deserve.  We do not use cage dryers, your pup is washed and hand dried to minimize anxiety and give an open-air experience to your pet.  Because we have an open salon and groom by appointment, we assist each other on dogs to reduce the time your pooch is in the shop, making the experience even more enjoyable for them.  We also offer morning, afternoon, and evening appointments to accommodate your scheduling needs.

We strive to meet and exceed your expectations, and want to give your dog the look you desire.  When you drop off we will have a quick consult.  Please don’t hesitate to inform us what you would like to see in a cut (or bring a photo), and we will do our best to make that happen.  Look through our photo gallery to see our Shampooch customers!

Thank you for choosing Shampooch!

Contact Us

Call us at 508-997-7239 to book your appointment!